Antivirus & DLP

Solutions for Business

Complete multi-layer Endpoint Protection and Unified Threat Management for businesses of all
sizes – simple to use, easy to manage, on-premises or in the cloud.

Hassle-free Cybersecurity for your Small Office

Growing businesses operating from small offices with little or no professional IT setup are very vulnerable to malware, spyware, ransomware and many other forms of cyber breaches. We at K7 understand that nothing should stand in the way of your business. K7 Business Security is specially designed to give you maximum control over your network with minimum efforts. Our internationally certified technology is simple, works with your current hardware and requires no IT expertise to manage.

Leave your cyber worries to us while you take care of your business


Product Features

Real-time Anti-Virus Protection

Protects business data and information at all end-points from hostile attacks and malware.

Single Console Operations

Single centralized web-based console to administer clients, server, and define policies across the network.

Low Impact

Our intelligent security solution uses the least bandwidth and resources of your infrastructure. Your IT investment is fully available for your core business.

Zero-Day Protection

Advanced machine learning technology with behavior-based detection for effective zero-day detection.

Device Control

Immunize and control access to removable drives, USB devices and other hardware.

Application Control

Monitor and manage applications being used at any endpoint. Improve business productivity by enabling various degrees of web and social media access across your employees.

Remote Workstation Support

Anytime deployment, monitoring and updating of endpoint systems.

Smart Firewall and Gateway Security

Detects and combats intrutions from insecure external networks. Customized update process reduces load on network bandwidth.